Which Shower Doors Are Right For Your Bathroom?

Whether you want a simple update or a major makeover, Atlanta Shower Doors are a great way to enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic. But which one to choose?Shower Doors

Framed and sliding shower doors are available, and they come in various styles. But what’s essential is choosing tempered glass that meets safety certification standards.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance or a modern look to your bathroom, frameless shower doors are the way to go. This minimalist design is considered more upscale and is a popular trend in the industry. Frameless shower doors are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, making it easy to find a style that will work with your bathroom.

One of the biggest benefits of frameless shower doors is that they’re easier to clean. With framed doors, there are often seals around the edges where moisture can collect and cause mildew. With frameless doors, there is no place for mold or mildew to grow, and cleaning is as simple as wiping down the glass.

Another benefit of frameless doors is that they’re usually made from thicker glass than framed ones, and they can be treated for easy cleaning. This can increase the cost of the door, and it also means that installation is a little more complicated.

Framed and frameless shower doors are both tempered, which means that they won’t shatter into jagged pieces if they break. However, it’s important to keep in mind that any type of glass can crack or break if it’s exposed to pressure, severe temperature changes, or improper installation.

Regardless of which type of shower you choose, it’s always best to have it installed by a professional. This will ensure that the job is done correctly and that you get a good, long-lasting finish. A qualified professional can help you decide which type of shower is right for your home, and they will be able to install the door quickly and efficiently. This will save you time and money in the long run.


A sliding shower door slides open and closed on a track, which saves space as they do not require any additional floor area. This makes them the perfect option for small bathrooms. They also work well with any bathroom design, transforming it into a cohesive whole. They offer a clean and modern aesthetic, especially in frameless designs, that is sure to appeal to most homeowners.

In addition to saving space, a sliding shower door is also easy to clean. They do not have any bottom tracks that collect dirt and grime, making them a suitable choice for families with young children or pets who may be tempted to play with the doors. They are also less likely to leak than hinged doors, which can become prone to water spillage and mold growth as time passes.

Sliding shower doors are available in several different types, such as semi-frameless and fully framed. While frameless doors have a minimalist look, the framed models are more traditional. The frames themselves are usually made of a sturdy material like aluminum or stainless steel. Regardless of which type you choose, it is important to measure the width of the opening for the shower in multiple places to ensure the doors will fit properly.

It’s also a good idea to test the door swinging clearance by extending a piece of tape from the shower enclosure’s wall at one end, then pivoting the other end to see how much space is needed to open and close the doors. This will help you determine the maximum width of a shower enclosure to accommodate a sliding door. For larger openings, you will need to install an additional panel or opt for a hinged door.


Pivot shower doors are opened and closed using a rotating pivot at the top and bottom of the frame. They usually open outward, to 180 degrees, but can also be configured for an inward opening. This design is common in modern curved glass shower doors and offers greater accessibility than most hinged door options.

Because they don’t use tracks, these doors are easier to clean than sliding shower doors. In addition, they don’t trap water between the doors and the track which can lead to mildew and mold buildup. They are also aesthetically pleasing as they offer a more frameless view of the shower enclosure.

These doors are ideal for a stand-alone shower stall as they require ample space for the door to swing open. This style of door is also great for homes with limited space for the shower entrance since it reduces the amount of clearance needed to enter and exit your bathroom.

If you are looking for a more luxurious, high-end look for your shower then this is the perfect option for you. These doors come in a variety of glass textures that are sure to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic and are a beautiful addition to any home.

While the installation process may seem complicated it is relatively easy to install a pivot shower door. To start, you will need to measure your shower enclosure’s height and width from wall to wall. You will then need to determine the depth of your shower stall. Once you have the measurements, you will need to install the pivot hardware and the outer pivot wall jambs. To ensure your doors are installed properly, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for exact steps.


PRO: Since these shower doors hide the view from the bathroom, they make rooms feel bigger and cozier. They also conceal spots, smudges, and fingerprints from view. They’re a great option for multi-user bathrooms in homes with multiple kids and/or adults living in the same house. CON: Frosted or opaque doors close off sightlines, limiting how much light passes into the room. They can also make a small space feel cramped.

Textured glass offers privacy without compromising the amount of natural light that enters a room. The texture of the glass diffracts and disperses light to create a more gentle ambiance within your shower enclosure.

Manufacturers create textured glass by etching one side of the material. They offer many designs to choose from, including reeds, rain, baroque, and more. This type of specialty glass is often more expensive than clear or frosted glass.

Choosing the right type of texture for your glass will depend on the overall style of your bathroom decor. For example, a bamboo texture may work best in an Asian-themed bathroom but would not match as well in a rustic country bathroom. Additionally, textured glass tends to show dirt and spots more easily than clear or frosted glass. Therefore, homeowners need to clean textured glass more frequently. The textured surface can accumulate soap scum that can be difficult to remove. However, textured glass is less likely to shatter than other types of shower doors. When it does, it breaks into round pieces rather than sharp shards. As a result, it is more safe to use in the event of an accident or injury. Nevertheless, this type of shower door is still not as sturdy as a frameless option.


Clear glass shower doors create a clean, modern look and allow natural light to penetrate the bathroom, making it feel bright and spacious. This type of shower door is popular with homeowners looking to showcase beautiful tilework, stonework, or woodwork in their bathrooms and works well with many interior design styles. Frosted, textured, or patterned glass, on the other hand, adds privacy to the shower space without detracting from the design of the room. These types of doors are perfect for multiperson homes or for homeowners who prefer the feeling of a private spa.

The degree of privacy offered by frosted, textured, or patterned glass is determined by the amount of time the manufacturer spends etching or sandblasting the surface of the glass. Heavily etched glass obscures almost all detail and provides ample modesty, while lightly etched glass offers modesty with minimal impact on the overall look of the shower. Some manufacturers offer a variety of texture patterns to suit any design aesthetic, and some frosted glass also offers a clear side for easy cleaning.

Frosted or textured glass is less likely to show watermarks or soap scum, so it requires fewer maintenance efforts than clear glass. However, some watermarks or smudges may still appear on the frosted surface.

Homeowners who want the privacy of a frosted or textured glass shower but do not have the budget for etched or sandblasted doors can opt for a bathroom privacy film instead. These films closely resemble frosted or textured glass but are far more affordable, and they come in a range of colors for design versatility. They are an excellent choice for high-traffic bathrooms or for homeowners who dislike the regular maintenance that comes with etched or sandblasted glass.